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All Ceramic

If you are looking for the ultimate aesthetic result, all ceramic restorations can be made in materials such as Zirconia Oxide or pressed ceramic, Emax.

These materials are ideal for use in the oral environment. They react in light for use in the oral environment. They react to light in similar ways to natural dentition and offer unmatched aesthetics and immense strength. Allowing all ceramic restorations to be used in a vast majority of cases.

Inlays, Onlays & Veneers

The latest Ivoclar Emax pressable porcelain system delivers what we feel is the ultimate in metal free aesthetics and strength, utilising both pressable and CAD/CAM technologies.


Opalite - Zirconia All Ceramic Crown & Bridges

We offer Opalite Crowns and Bridges when the patient has severe bruxism and grinding but still want an aesthetic posterior restoration.

The benefits of using Opalite include:

  • All ceramic restoration specificially designed to meet high load in the posterior region
  • Solid medical grade Zirconia without Porcelain overlay
  • Excellent long term durability with a 5 year guarantee
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